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Latest Art:

"Gaia's Chldren"
(Sculpted paintings of Nature)

"Waders, Walkers & Wondrous"
(Painted and sculpted birds)

Previous Art Series:

"Access: Greek Isles"

"Progressions: Food"

About R-Atencio


Art is my passion. It called to me for years before I "bit the bullet" and returned to university for a degree in Fine Art. Under very adverse circumstances, I managed to graduate "Magna cum Laude." What a thrill - and a real highlight in my life!

Nature and travel are my areas of interest. I'm in awe of shapes, textures, and the play of light and shadows. The first question I ask myself in my art is, How do I express what Im seeing? Then, I ask, How do I re-create the wonder that Im feeling for the viewer?

To that end, my most recent works have been about TEXTURES AND DIMENSIONS (GAIA'S CHILDREN) in nature. It is sculptural art and invites the viewer to satisfy the desire to touch the art. In a way, the art is meant to be an interactive experience between the viewer and the artist.


Combining recycle materials (when sculpting) with the very best archival materials, my goal is to create beauty that leaves the viewer/buyer delighted with the outcome. To do that, I take a small part of the grandeur of life or nature and say, "Here it is. Here is the wonderment of what is around us. Breathe it in and, in that manner, know that all is well."


2017: Juried Show, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR
2016: Solo Exhibit, "Access: Greek Isles" Cafe Soriah, Eugene, OR
      Solo Exhibit, Sprout, Springfield, OR
2015: Juried Show, Jacobs Gallery, Eugene, OR
2014: Juried Show, The Art Center, Corvallis, OR
          Peace Exhibit: ESAP, Eugene
2013: Juried Show, Gallery 114, Portland, OR
          Solo Exhibit: "Pastel Riot" Springfield City Hall
2012: "Progressions" Lake Oswego Heritage House
          Solo Exhibit:"Progressions." Full City Cafe
          Solo Exhibit: "Progressions," Village Health
2011: Solo Exhibit: "Progressions" UVAC
2010-2006: Purely Pastel Group, Jaqua Gallery,
Festival of the Arts, Lakewood Art Center, Lake Oswego; Art for All Seasons, Maude Kerns Art Center; Miniature Show, DIVA Gallery; Juried Show, Lane CC Gallery.

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